Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Boxing Day 2007

Boxing Day is the day after Christmas and is another public holiday for us, so no work until Thursday for us. It's original reasons for commencement have been lost through the ages, but one of the suggestion is that traditionally it was a day where the more well off boxed up some of the belongings and gave it to their servants, or less well off, as gifts. On the news this morning they mentioned that apparently the original reasons for Boxing Day have been so lost that according to a recent survey of young people in the UK, the suggestion was that the reason for Boxing Day was that it was inevitable that there would be huge family arguments!

When I was younger our family used to always spend boxing day together. Everyone went to the in-laws or whoever on Christmas Day and then we would always get together for a relaxed day. Now that I live in a different city that's not the case anymore sadly. I don't recall there being that many family arguments, but maybe I just blocked them out because it was too traumatic!

Here in Australia it is a huge sporting day - the cricket starts as does the Sydney to Hobart yachting race. It is also the biggest shopping day of the year here, with the stocktake sales all starting! Normally I would avoid going to the shops today, but I have been looking for a new TV for my back room, and when I saw that they were out cheap I couldn't resist, and then I couldn't resist a new DVD player or a special on Playstation2 games!! And then, there is a new book warehouse open nearby to us, and I went and got a few books from there.

Later this afternoon I am thinking that we are going to the movies to see Bee Movie, but I might be able to convince my son otherwise because I have really spent quite a lot of money already today!


  1. *g* Now that I know what you got for Christmas - the question is - have you watched yet and what did you think????

  2. When I was a kid I thought it was called Boxing Day because of all the wrapping paper and boxes that needed to be put at the curb (not that I remember anyone putting stuff by the curb but I'm thinking my father put that little nugget of misinformation in my brain).

    Never had family arguments - I often wonder if that kind of stuff is like a myth. You know, fighting over the holidays. It's stressful for sure but I don't get stressed about being with my family, I'm more stressed about disappointing someone.

    Anyways, here it is a huge shopping day but I refuse to go out in it. I remember when Boxing Day was another holiday where all the stores were closed. Nothing but family for 2 straight days ;)

    Sounds like you got a few fun things for yourself! Bob and I will probably go out over the next few days - those who didn't have enough vac days will go back on tomorrow so it might not be so bad out there.


  3. Happy Boxing Day, Marg! I hope you got great deal shopping :)

  4. Kristie, you know how you are with gadgets? I'm not a lot better! I am still figuring out how to set it all up! And then I will be able to watch! On a much bigger TV!

    Cindy, I remember those days! I can't say that my family ever had a meltdow n either, but that doesn't mean to say that there weren't plenty of held tongues!

    Julia, I think I did okay!

  5. I never heard of Boxing Day until I moved here to Canada, 15 years ago. I asked what it was and I got many different answers. All I know is to avoid the stores like the plague! People line up in the wee hours of the mornig to get stuff on sale. Gone is the Christmas spirit, it's push and shoving golore. Just to save money.

  6. Just to spend money isn't it!



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