Sunday, December 09, 2007

December cooking challenge update

Saturday night - pork steaks with tangy tomato couscous and salad

Sunday night - wedding

Monday night - Hungry Jacks...whoops (our equivalent of Burger King)

Tuesday night - chicken in red wine and garlic marinade and salad.

Wednesday night - Red rooster (Roasted chicken and chips) - went swimming and was home far too late to cook

Thursday night - lamb chops with ratatouille, chips and vegies

Friday night - steak, packet pasta and vegies

Saturday night
- out for dinner

So, my aim was to cook 5 nights a week, and I almost achieved that this week. I didn't exactly try a new recipe, but I hadn't had the tangy tomato couscous or pasta from Friday night before so I did try some new packet accompaniments!

I did spend some time this afternoon looking through a recipe magazine and there were a few things that caught my attention! I have to admit that looking through recipe magazines, and cook books is one of my great pleasures. Often times all I do is buy them and look through them and never cook anything out of them, but that's okay.

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