Saturday, December 01, 2007

Holly's December cooking challenge...with a twist!

The ever fabulous Holly has announced that she is doing a December cooking challenge where she is aiming to cook 5 new things every week for the month of December, and she has asked her fellow bloggers if anyone wants to join her. Now, I have to say that five new things a week is a bit much for me, but as long as I can modify the challenge a little, then I am going to participate!

So, what are my rules going to be? Well, I am going to challenge myself to say that I need to cook at least five nights of the week, and that I will try one new recipe. That may not sound much for most people, but for the last few weeks my son and I have been living on take-away. Tonight is the first night I have cooked a meal (that wasn't a chuck in the microwave frozen meal) in nearly two weeks. Shocking I know! The main reason for that is that I have been completely disorganised, but also by the time I have commuted for 3 hours total in the day, as well as done a full day of work I am exhausted by the time I get home and just thinking about what to cook is just a step too far. I know that it isn't exactly a great state of affairs, and probably explains why I am the size I am, and keep on gaining more weight, but I really want to do something about that as well. One thing that I am doing is to try and ween myself off of normal Coke and onto Coke Zero if I have to have Coke, or otherwise water. I know a lot of people think they taste the same but to me they taste completely different. It would be a start at least.

You can probably also expect at least one cookbook post. A few weeks ago I was thinking about doing some, and then it just never happened.

I did have one pleasant surprise today. I hate clothes shopping at the best of times, but I am going to a wedding tomorrow and so I needed to get something to wear. I went to a shop and the lady was really good. She bought me top after top that I would never have chosen to try on and they all looked really, really good. Instead of it being the usual....that will do...I actually had to choose between four tops. Unheard of! Of course, if I lost some weight then it would be much easier every time I went to the shops.


  1. I've been cooking more the last few months after years of cooking VERY seldom. My husband has been traveling less, so I'm forced to try to re-develop the few cooking skills of years ago.

    Five new things a week is way too much for me, but here is a link to a delicious, quick, and easy pasta recipe.

  2. 5 was too many for me to, but that recipe does sound good! Thanks!

  3. I'm beginning to think 5 a week is too many for me, too. LOL But I can do it, I'm sure.

    Thanks for participating. I don't mind at all that you modified the challenge. Whatever works best for you. :)

    I'm making a pot roast tonight. Wish me luck!

  4. Good luck! I don't think I have ever cooked pot roast before.

  5. I love to cook, but even for me five new meals a week would not be easy! Good luck with your challenge (and thanks for stopping by my blog recently)!