Friday, December 21, 2007

I swear....

...the pizza shops in my area hate me!

A couple of months ago I was on my way home after a very long day out and about and my son and I decided to have pizza for dinner. As I was trying to be super efficient, I phoned through my order and was told that it would be ready in about 15-20 minutes. Once I got to the store I discovered that they had forgot to put my order through. So another 20-25 minutes later and I saw my name come up as ready, and then disappear off the list. After waiting another couple of minutes, I asked the guy where it was, and they said it wasn't ready yet. Another 15 minutes, and I asked again and they said, oh, it's been ready for ages, we just forgot to call it out for you. In the end, they gave the pizza to me for free seeing as I had been there for over an hour. Got in the car...and it turns out it was the wrong darn pizza!

Fast forward a couple of months to tonight, and because it was absolutely bucketing down with rain and I was soaked through, and this was the first night I had been home all week, I decided to try out a new pizza shop that has just opened near us. I placed the order, and then waited, and waited and waited! People came...and people went, and still no pizza. I heard them say behind the counter that there was a pizza missing, and I KNEW it was mine, but when I asked the girl why it was taking so long, and she said something along the lines of Oh, we are just busy. Finally.. it's ready, except the garlic bread isn't! Eventually everything was ready and we could go home and eat it! Luckily it tasted good, and the owner has assured me that he will look after me next time I go to his shop!


  1. Marg - OMG, so sorry you experience all the bad waiting for your orders. Lucky the pizza taste good at the new place. I would hate that to happen

    I have try to orders my pizza on-line twice. The first time, they tell me that it'll be ready in about an hour and half. Well..when the times gone by and no pizza, I called them and they said that they forgot to make my order, so we had to wait another hour. Than when that pass by, they tell us that they forgot something and we had to wait two hours...

    But through all that, we ended up waiting 3 hours for darn pizza and these place are even NEAR by my home...geez. I tell myself no more on-line orders!

    I wish you a Happy Holidays, Marg! :)

  2. Just having to wait an hour seems a really long time, let alone having to wait 3 hours!

    Happy holidays to you too Julia!