Saturday, December 15, 2007

Keith Urban and John Butler Trio at the 2007 Arias

Can you tell that I am home on a Saturday night! I do have other things I COULD be doing, but instead I am going on a YouTube adventure, seeing where I end up!

I love Keith Urban's music, and quite like John Butler Trios as well, but when the two were put together at the Australian Record Industry Awards (ARIAs) nt too long was amazing!

And that should be my last post of the day!


  1. wow that's awesome -
    like keith urban so much
    and i have lots of his song
    in my mp3 player ---
    but neer try john butler trio.
    he's great too.

  2. Dayumn!!! I wish my computer had sound right about now!! I missed this post until you mentioned it. I was awed at how talented Keith Urban is - and what a good concert he puts on. He really mingles with the crowds.

  3. I am totally jealous that you got to go to his concert!

    That's it! Next time he is touring Australia I am going to go and see him!