Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Reading Year - 2007 - The stats

It's that time of the year to look book over the reading year. I thought I would start with some stats about my 2007 reading year, and then in a separate posts I will focus a bit more on specifics!

No. of books:

Completed 203 books so far - expecting to finish 2 more before the end of the year so should end up with 205 by the end of the year.

Of those 203 books, only 33 were books that I owned, either because I bought them or got given them to review, and there were no rereads in amongst those! With the exception of 2 books the rest were from the library. By contrast I bought 112 books this year. I really need to read more books that I already own next year!

I read 20 books by Australian authors-vast improvement over previous years


YA/kids - 8
Crime/Mystery - 26
Fantasy - 16
Historical Fiction - 43
Literature - 18
Non fiction - 5
Romances - 73
Womens/Chick lit - 15

Of those books that aren't historical fiction, the setting was historical in 55 of them, 15 paranormal and 8 suspense/thriller, although I don't always seem to be consistent in how I classify the sub genres!


5/5 - 2 - although I would probably change one of those retrospectively
4.5/5 - 43
4/5 - 113 - seems to be my go to grade
3.5/5 - 27
3/5 - 12
2.5/5 - 4
1.5/5 - 1
1 0/5 - DNF


14 Harlequin
33 Harper Collins
1 Kensington
11 MacMillan
36 Penguin/Putnam
27 Random House
18 Simon and Schuster
6 Hatchette/Warner
49 Others

Total No. of pages read: 73889

New to me authors: 110

In summary, I read about 30 less books this year than I did last year. Not sure why, but I still made my goal of 200 so I am not disappointed.

I am kind of surprised that I read 16 fantasy books - I always say that I don't read fantasy, but I am averaging more than one a month!

110 authors seems quite a lot, but I did read a few anthologies earlier in the year that introduced me to a lot!


  1. Wow - just wow! I think the most I've ever read in one year was right around 100. Congrats on meeting your reading goal!

  2. You fit in quite a few books this year, didn't you? Very impressive. I think I had more 4 stars than any other rating too, although I can't be quite sure yet. I need to work up my stats tonight. I doubt I will be fitting in any more books this year.



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