Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Red Tree by Shaun Tan

Sometimes the day begins with nothing to look forward to...

Another great book from Shaun Tan, although it didn't blow me away as much as The Arrival did!

This book is about a young girl who feels as though there is no one who understands her, and she is not sure what direction to take but then she finds what she is looking for, so that the book basically is a message of hope.

Whereas The Arrival was purely pencil drawn pictures, this book does have words accompanying the once again beautiful, coloured illustrations that Tan draws.

To say much more would be to use more words than are actually in the book, but suffice to say it is another kids book that I very much enjoyed reading and looking at!

Rating 4/5


  1. this book sounds interesting, I hadnt even heard of this author before. great blog!
    happy holidays :)

  2. Naida, I would highly recommend The Arrival! It's my best book of the year, even if there are no words in it!

  3. I have The Arrival, but have been holding off reading it as I am going to read it for Dewey's Graphic novel's challenge. I expect it to be great, as all of Shaun Tan's books are.

    The Red Tree did blow me away. It spoke to me so strongly the first time I read it and still does every time I pick it up. It is such a beautiful book and I found such strong encouragement in its words and images. Shaun Tan is amazing, I wish he had more books out there.

  4. See, The Arrival spoke to me so strongly the first time I read it!

    I am definitely making the effort to read all of his work, even if it is written by someone else and he has only done the illustrations!