Sunday, December 09, 2007

Social butterfly

Basically for the last three months I have been busy, busy, busy social life wise. In all that time, I only had one weekend where I haven't had anything planned. We've had visitors from interstate, I have been out to dinner numerous times, as well as to a show and a wedding, and I have to say I must have run out of babysitting credits with my sister because my son has stayed there so often. Basically, other than Christmas my next event that is already planned isn't until April! Normally, I would jokingly comment about not having a life, but just lately the idea of a weekend at home sounds very enticing!

Last night was the last of those events. I went out for dinner with my old boss and a couple of my friends who used to work with us. They are all in new jobs now, and I am the only one left in the same job. Apart from the fact that they spent ages telling me to get moving and get my resume together to look for a new job, it was a fun night.

We went to a place called Donovans at St Kilda. It is right on the beachfront in one of the trendiest areas in Melbourne. The ambience was great, the service was excellent, but I am not 100% sure that the food was worth the money. It's certainly the most expensive dinner I have ever had to pay for! We started by having dinner in their dining area which is quite casual in a designer kind of way, and then we ended up having dessert in their outdoor terrace section, watching the sun go down, and people watching everyone on the beach. We even had some people playing their drums on the sand not too far away so got entertainment as well.

After that, we went to Luna Park, which is a small amusement park that has been in St Kilda for many years. One of the girls had to bring her son with her, so we spent probably an hour or so in there whilst he went on a few of the rides. And then, the three of us who didn't have a kid with them went onto a pub that is quite nearby. Apparently it is a very popular place and it did seem like the perfect place to spend a summer's night.

We didn't stay terribly late, which is probably a good thing considering how quickly we get through the wine when we are drinking together, and even better, I didn't wake up with a terribly bad headache this morning, which is a definite bonus!

All in all, a fun, but expensive night!

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