Saturday, January 05, 2008


My son told me today that he doesn't like North and South.

Admittedly it's all that has been on the TV in the back room for well over a week now, and yes, whereas for the last few years up until just before Christmas he was on my wallpaper on my desktop and now it's a North and South wallpaper, but surely that's not reason for him to dislike the mini-series. Perhaps he needs some attention!

What he hasn't seen yet is that I have a new screensaver too. Can you guess what type it is?


  1. Why am I not obsessed with this yet?

    Clearly, I have been living under a rock.

  2. Time to climb out from under that rock, and bask in the Richard Armitage sunshine! LOL!!

  3. LOL - I have a N&S Screen saver too. Where did you get your background cause I'd like to make it a double. I did have RA as Guy as my background but just recently changed it to Henry from Blood Ties. But John Thornton - now that would be goooooooddddd

  4. And *g* I forgot to add when I got the N&S screen saver I changed the settings on it to come on in 2 minutes instead of the default 10

  5. It is always wonderful when a book takes over.

  6. Kristie, I got it from, and I chose the kiss one by IslaJane. You just need to click on Graphics when you get onto the site.

  7. Oooohhh - nice. I picked the same one :)



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