Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wherein I ignore the elephant in the strawberry patch (or the cat in the brown paper bag as the case may be!)

So, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself. It's January 15th, I've finished 8 books so far this year, and I have written reviews for all of them! GO ME!! The latest review is up over at Historical Tapestry and is for The Alchemist's Daughter by Katharine McMahon.

So what am I hiding? Well...we just won't mention the fact that I have got a bucket load of reviews from the books I finished last year still to write.

Shhhh.......I said we weren't mentioning that!!


  1. The good news is when you have writer's block you can always review one of those books! Silver lining ;)


  2. *chuckle* okay we won't meantion it *grin*.....but I agree with Cindy about the silver lining thing ;)

    And YAY - congrats - you read 8 books and reviews them all...good for you!

  3. Ooof, same here. I have a bunch of draft posts lined up that have just the title of the book, all read in December. No idea when I'll do them.

  4. never mind the reviews - love the cat!
    Though I note you have done all that and been watching North and South over and over...and getting through a heatwave so well done!

  5. Actually, I haven't watched North and South for about a week! I've been watching the complete first series of Robin Hood instead!

    The day I put a DVD in my new DVD player that doesn't feature Richard Armitage I think it is going to have a coronary!