Wednesday, February 20, 2008

100+ Reading Challenge

J. Kaye is host the 100+ Reading Challenge - read 100 books in one year.

In the past I have exceeded this amount, so I think that this is a reachable target for me. So far, in this calendar year, I am reading books number 26 and 27, and listening to book 28.


  1. I have never listened to an audio book. I like holding and seeing a book so I am not sure I could do it. I joined this challenge too. This is the first year I am keeping up with the total number of books I read. :)

  2. You are doing well Marg. I'm currently reading book 12 so I'm feeling that I'll be lucky to make 100 this year. However I do a lot of reading on plane flights etc. and I haven'nt started doing my travel yet this year.



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