Monday, February 25, 2008


Bloglines is down or it is VERY quiet in blogland!

Or maybe it is that everyone else in the world has something better to do than I do!


  1. Nope it's been a pretty quiet Sunday. Frankly I'm glad because I've caught up on all my blog hopping. Things were really hopping for a while there.

  2. BTW Marg, since I often read my fave blog posts in google reader I don't often get to the actual sites as much as I used to. Your page looks great.

  3. I agree with Rosie. I love the new look!

    I'm having a lazy day. I keep thinking I'm going to post something, but I haven't managed it yet. lol

  4. I'm here! I love the new look. The header is gorgeous.

  5. Oh Wow! Someone's been playing. I love that picture and the whole new look of things. You have an extra column now too don't you? Very sharp!
    And I don't know about slow - I had to work all day :(

  6. Yep, I'm here, too. Just not posting. I'm lazy. LOL

    Still liking the new look.

  7. Hey Marg, I've been lazy about not visiting blogs. Love the new look btw. I'll have to make it a point to stop by more often.

  8. Hi Marg, I love the new picture!! It reminds me of some pictures of Amsterdam.

    I read the weekend away, found some some new medievals I liked ;-)

  9. Rosie, no worries! I read through bloglines all the time now (except like now when it isn't working). I haven't had a new feed in over 24 hours!

    Kristie, I do have a new third column now! Yay!

    Thanks Holly, Stacy, Chris and Jenster.

    Ana, I'm not surprised that it reminds you of Amsterdam. Same country...different city. It's actually of Rotterdam. Can't wait to hear about your new author discoveries!

  10. Bloglines wasn't working for me either so I thought I was all caught up! ha,ha..
    Love your new look!

  11. I love the new look. I was a round but not posting much. I will be making up for it this week though.



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