Saturday, February 09, 2008

More North and South!

Actually, it's a bit cheeky of me to call this post More North and South, because this time I am talking about both versions!

I went to the store today to try and buy 2 copies of the BBC's version of North and South. One was to give to my sister, so that she could share in the drooliness (although I am not sure that she is a drooler really...then again I never used to be either). The other copy was to give to her father in law - a man notoriously difficult to buy for. When he was in the UK last year though he did mention seeing Cranford, which is another BBC translation of a Gaskell book so I thought I would try my luck with N & S. The shop I went to didn't have any copies, and apparently didn't have any reference to it on their databases, which is very strange indeed seeing as it is the same place that I bought my copy just before Christmas.

Anyway, getting to the point, they did however have the other North and South on their database, the one based on John Jake's book of the same name. Apparently it is coming out here on DVD for the first time in a few weeks time! Yay!!! I remember watching that series when it showed on TV and absolutely loving it! I hope that I enjoy it when I watch it again, because I am definitely planning to buy it and see!

In the end I have bought my sister a different DVD, and will just have to lend her my copy to watch...when I have worked myself up to letting it out of my sight.


  1. Great movies, both! I just came from Kristie's blog and I've decided I can't hold out anymore. I'm ordering my very own copy of the BBC North & South because renting it once just wasn't enough.

  2. Watching it once is definitely not enough! I can't tell you how many times I have watched it!