Friday, February 29, 2008


Is there an easy way to convert tracks on an audio CD to MP3 files. I want to put some tracks off of a CD that I own on my MP3 player.


  1. Marg I was hoping when I clicked on comments that you'd have some advice in here. My boys do ours all the time so I'm not much help. I know you download the songs and then reload them on the MP3. Beanie just told me that it can differ from MP3 to MP3 too.

    Hopefully someone who knows what they are doing will be along to help. I have an iPod so I use iTunes to do everything.

  2. Marg,

    Do you have a Mac or a PC? If it's a PC, what I do is just pop the CD in the computer and "rip" the songs to my Windows Media Player. This seems to automatically save them in mp3 format. Then I plug in my player and transfer the songs directly from my PC.

    Hope this helps, if not, feel free to ask again! :)

  3. I tried ripping the songs to my MP3 player but they only put a link into the MP3 player and would only play while I was hooked to the computer. I'll have to try saving them from Windows Media Player. Or maybe I'm doing the rip wrong.

  4. If you have a PC, you need Windows Media Player, like the family says, however, it does not automatically "rip" them to MP3 Format.

    Step 1: Insert your CD.

    Step 2: If WMP does not automatically launch and start to play your tunes, launch it. Make sure all updates to the player have been installed.

    Step 3: Hit the button at the top that says RIP. It will ask you what format, here I suggest you tell it WMA. This format will easily go to any player BUT an iPod (some CD's and online download site burned CD's will NOT RIP to MP3 format). If you have an iPod the steps are fairly complicated but I can walk you through.

    Step the Last: Plug your MP3 player into the USB port and you will be able to drag the songs that have been ripped into it (you will see the ripped songs and the player on the right hand side of the Media Player).

    You can e-mail me if you have problems - asaandabbee at gmail dot com

  5. Thanks Chari-Dee. I think the CD had some kind of protection on it, because it just would not rip. I'm going to try again another time though so I will keep your instruction in mind.

  6. Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!.