Sunday, March 16, 2008

Are you playing the game?

What's the game?

It's the DA BWAHA game! Still not clear? Well how about the Dear Author - Bitchery Awards for Hellagood Authors. (Subtitled 2008 Romance Madness Tournament).

Or in other words a tournament for romance books! 64 different books from different sub genres to match off to determine which is the best overall!

You can get more details here.

I've put my votes in, but I have to say I am not expecting to go too well! There are loads of books in the tournament that I haven't read yet! The 20 plus hours a week I spend reading (on average) obviously just isn't enough!

Having said that there were a couple that I have added to my TBR list on the basis of seeing them in the tournament!


  1. Marg, I did a ballot. It's quick and easy and the contest has lots of stats, something I confess I love.

    I was totally lost with the YA titles and went with familiar titles not really knowing what I was voting for.

    It'll be interesting to see how many people participate and what the results will be.

  2. Yes, there were a number of categories that I just went with ones I had heard of before, or just from the blurb, because I hadn't read any. The categories that were hardest for me were the Erotica, GLBT and contemporary categories because I just don't read them usually.

  3. Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to get on that!! I'll probably know less titles than anybody.

    Oh, can I just say your word verification is really hard right now? I might refresh.

  4. Sometimes the word verifications are mega hard to read aren't they.



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