Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I know that there are others out in blogland that will be able to relate

I saw this mentioned over at Bookgirl's Nightstand and just knew that I had to have it!

It was made by Mrs S from the 50 Book Challenge blog which is a new blog to me!


  1. Oh can I steal this too, I saw it on your sidebar before I saw it here and thought, awww that's too cute and oh so appropriate for me!

  2. Isn't this great? I want to put it on my blog but I don't think I have space for it - too many challenge buttons are already in the way. ha,ha.

  3. Hi - thanks for using my button and linking to my site - now I've found another fellow reader and challenge addict! I'm off to have a look around your site :)

  4. I love that button too!



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