Sunday, March 30, 2008

Price check at Register 1

I got a great deal today! A while ago I got an unexpected bonus and there were four items that I was thinking about getting - one of which was a bike.

I went to the shops today and noticed that there was 20% off on bikes, and so thought that I might as well pick a bike and get it today. After trying to decide which one to get for a while I finally picked a mid ranged price one and took it to the registers.

When I got there, the helmet and the bike came to a grand total of $46, and I was so shocked I said to the girl that that couldn't possibly be right. She scanned again, and the bike came up at $20, so she called a manager, who called another manager, and in the end I ended up getting it for $16. In effect the helmet that I bought with it cost me twice as much as the bike did!

Of course, buying a bike is the first step. The second step is putting it together, and the third step is actually using it!

Now, I can more easily afford one of the other items which was a barbecue to sit on my back deck!


  1. What an awesome deal! I just love when things like that happen.

  2. That's awesome! I wish I could get a bike for that price!

  3. I'm unfamiliar with the Australian dollar but $16 sounds pretty darn good!

  4. Chris, the equivalent would be about $14 US.

  5. Funny that you list resembles mine.
    I have teh bike but it needs repairs and just last week I got he # of the local bike shop. We bought the Grill two weeks ago with the new patio furniture. We cleaned out the patio yesterday!
    Great minds think alike!!

  6. Oh you lucky thing! I need to get a bike too. Where did you get it and what kind is it, if that's not a rude question? I'm just bamboozled by all the technology.

  7. I got it from Kmart. It was marked on the shelf as $150. I'll check the box in the morning to see what the brand was. I think it is Huffy.