Friday, March 21, 2008

You can tell winter is on it's way

It's dark in the morning when I get up now, and it's getting dark earlier and earlier. Our time change is next weekend I think.

After having temperatures of 40C last weekend we are back to a far more reasonable 20C, but having said that my feet are cold!

And lastly....footy's back! Below is a promotional video that someone did for Aussie Rules Football. Last night there were two games played - the opening games of the season. I managed to watch one all the way through and then fell asleep during the second one because it was late! Of course, footy season means footy tipping, and so far it's not going all that well. Of the two games played I picked neither winner so am 0/2 so far.

Watching (kind of) those two games last night meant that I didn't spend any time on the computer (very unusual) and that I didn't do any reading either (also very unusual) so today (on Good Friday) I have spent the whole morning trying to catch up!

C'mon the Crows!!


  1. thanks for the video
    I run a footy tipping comp at work, and my husband and I are both in it, so at home we have a mini rivalry. We are members of Port Power (that video looks as if it was made straight after the 2004 grandfinal) so we went to the match last night, and thank goodness the boys actually caused Geelong some problems :-)

  2. Wow...Port fans who go to the games!!

    Just kidding!

    What I saw of the game was good, just didn't see the close bits!

    The tipping competition that I am in is at work and it is a very serious deal!

  3. I can not be in cold weather. I'm ready for spring. It been cold lot lately...but I hope you're keeping yourself warm out there :)

    Sound like you had great time watching the games. By the way, you are tagged! click here

  4. ROTFL - It sure is a lot different from Canadian football! I think I like yours much better. You get to see the good looking players instead of seeing nothing but helmets!



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