Saturday, May 17, 2008

Are you a Georgette Heyer Fan?

Over at Historical Tapestry we are having a Georgette Heyer Season. There will be reviews, general posts, and a giveaway (the details of which will be up later).

If you are a Georgette Heyer fan, and would like to participate or just read along, please head over to Historical Tapestry for more details. We would love to get some guest posts from you!


  1. I have never read a Heyer. I know, I know, I'm hanging my head in shame. I've heard so much about her, I just haven't ever picked one up. I think I'm afraid I won't see the greatness, as by not reading I can still claim ignorance.

    I may have to read her though, I have to admit I've been tempted!

  2. Hopefully all the posts over at Historical Tapestry over the next few weeks will tempt you even more!

  3. this sounds interesting, I've never read her before.

  4. I love Georgette Heyer, but have only read four or five of hers.

  5. Alice, we are looking for guest posts about Heyer! If you are interested please let me know...and you could win a book out of it as well!

  6. Thanks for that link--I'm bookmarking it. At the moment I've got started (and must get back to it!) Lady of Quality!



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