Saturday, May 03, 2008

Beautiful pictures

Most of the blogs that I have on my bloglines subscription are either book related, craft related, or because they are written by people I know in other places. There are however a couple of them that are there, just because I love looking at their content.

One of those is Flickr Scotland. I love reading about Scotland in books, and have been to Edinburgh and Glasgow and really enjoyed my time there, and would love to go and explore Scotland a little more some day. In the meantime, I enjoy looking at the photos that are posted by the various contributors like this one of Skye (originally posted here with some technical details about how the colours came to be etc)

Do you have any blogs that you visit regularly just because you love to look at them?


  1. Wow, they're beautiful. I had to add the blog to my feeds immediately.

  2. They are aren't they. I just love seeing each post just for their sheer visual appeal.