Monday, May 19, 2008

For my viewing pleasure

I have watched two movies in as many days this week...quite unusual really!

Not only have I been able to watch a couple of DVDs, I also got the full cinema experience, as devised by my son! Both nights he has selected the movie that I was to watch, made tickets complete with little clues as to what it is that I will be watching, lit the candles for just the right ambience, and provided me with a drink! And it is far more comfortable to lie down on the couch to watch a movie than it is to sit in the chairs at the real cinemas for the same length of time!

I'm not sure but I suspect that I will be going to the cinema in my lounge room again tomorrow night!


  1. What a complete sweetheart!

  2. So, do you feel just a bit pampered?? :-) What have you been watching?

  3. I do feel a bit pampered!

    On Sunday night I watched an Aussie movie called Crackerjack and then last night it was How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days.

  4. I love the picture on the top of your blog, Marg- gorgeous :-)

  5. Your son is definitely a keeper. I wish we got more of your Aussie movies, here! I finally located a copy of an old favorite, last year, and my husband just loved it. We sat around eating fruit and cheese and watching an Aussie movie on our 25th anniversary (with a bit of champagne). :)

  6. What a great son you have!

  7. awww that the sweetest thing your son done for you :) He keeper!

    How did you like How to Lose a Guys In Ten Days?

  8. I really like the movie (except for the fight scene which I just fast forward through.

  9. *chuckle* the fight scenes was a little bit childish *G* but I like the movie though :) - Glad that you did too :)



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