Saturday, May 10, 2008

A little of this and a little of that!

I have a few different things I wanted to post about, so this is going to be a post with several different things in it.

First, Rosina Lippi/Sara Donati has a new excerpt up for book six of the Into the Wilderness series. This series is one of my favourites and I am very much looking forward to the new book when it comes out!

Speaking of excerpts, Jennifer Crusie has posted the whole first chapter of Dogs and Goddesses, her upcoming collaboration with Lani Diane Rich and Anne Stuart. Whilst I prefer her non-collaboration books it is fair to say that I will be reading this one when it comes out!

The second thing is that I got a blog award from Teddy Rose at So Many Precious Books, So Little Time. I'd like to thank my parents, my sister, my friends, my agent...wait..I don't have an agent.

In the spirit of sharing, I would like to pass this award onto Ana from Aneca's World, in recognition of all her hard work on Historical Tapestry, and because she is a great person!

The second person who I would like to award this to is Dewey from Hidden Side of a Leaf. Now Dewey may be surprised to get this from me because we haven't interacted personally all that often, but she always is really active in trying to build up our little bookish corner of the blogosphere with lots of fun ideas! I don't always participate, but I do always admire her energy and her ideas. Great job Dewey.

Speaking of Dewey and her great ideas, we needed to do a follow up post about this week's Weekly Geeks idea, which was to spread the link love around by sharing our links to book reviews that we had in common with other bloggers.

Initially, I was reluctant to undertake this one, because I was worried about how much extra time this would take on an ongoing basis. When I thought about it a bit more, I decided to go ahead with it because, whilst there was definitely a lot of time spent on it this week find book reviews in common and leaving comments and the like, going forward it should actually be pretty manageable I think. What I have also spent more time on this week is reading more new blogs in Bloglines, as I find more and more book bloggers who are also participants in Weekly Geeks!


  1. I love the cross linking idea! I've seen other people do it, and I think I may start trying to do it, too, though maybe not in a really official way.

    Congrats on the award!

  2. I prefer Jennifer Crusie and Anne Stuart's non-collaboration too. But I'll still read "Dogs and Goodesses" too when it come out. Looking forward to it, thanks for update and chapters link :)

    Congrats on your "BFF GOld Card" award. You deserve it!

  3. Thanks Carolyn Jean.

    You know Julia, I haven't read any of Anne Stuart's stand along books. I am tempted by her latest series. What would you recommend?

  4. Thank you so much! I appreciate that you thought of me. :)

    You know, I had that same hesitation. I worried that I'd have to add links to every single past review I ever did! But that didn't happen (though it did take some time, as you say) and from now on it should be easy.

  5. Oh Marg you are making me blush! Thank you so much for the award!

  6. Into the Wilderness is one of my favorites!! Looking forward to #6.