Sunday, May 25, 2008


When I sat down at the computer today, I was thinking that it felt as though I hadn't written a review for days! Turns out, it is more like weeks (with the last review I wrote having been published on May 8)! I promise I do have lots of reviews either started or half written, but just haven't got to finishing them off yet.

Actually, I don't really know what is up with me this last week. I haven't even managed to write my Booking Through Thursday post (even though I knew what I wanted to post), I didn't do Weekly Geeks, and I haven't really said anything at all on the blog! I have still been reading a bit though. Not as much as usual, but enough I guess.

What I have been busy doing is keeping the Georgette Heyer Season going over at Historical Tapestry, and this afternoon I have indulged myself by watching the first two episodes of North and South again....sigh.

Maybe later I will get around to finishing a review post off. Note I said maybe though! Now I should probably go and cook dinner.

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