Monday, May 05, 2008

Weekly Geeks #2

After the success of the first week of Weekly Geeks, here is the background for this week's challenge:

The theme for Week 2 is something I borrowed (yes, she said it was ok!) from Darla at Books and Other Thoughts. She says in her sidebar that if she reviews a book that you’ve reviewed, you can email her and she’ll link to it in her review. I love this idea for three reasons.

1. As a blog reader, I like that I can have my review linked in someone else’s blog.

2. As a blog reader, I like that if I’m interested in a book Darla writes about, there will be other reviews linked at the bottom of the page, so I can get other viewpoints. You can see how this works here.

3. As a blog writer, when I review a book, I often remember that I read someone else’s review at some point, but whose? And when? With Darla’s method, people tell her about their reviews, and she can see what they had to say about a book that is still fresh in her mind.

And now, for a summarised version of this challenge. For a full version click here.

1. Decide if this is a policy that you would like to adopt, and let people know.
2. Visit other Weekly Geeks and give them links of books that you have reviewed that you have in common
3. Write about your experience
4. Keep reminding your readers about this new policy.

I have to admit that at first I thought that this was not for me, particularly seeing as there are hundreds of books reviews here on this blog now. However, then I thought about it a bit more and figured that it couldn't actually hurt going forward.

If you want to see an index for all the books that I have reviewed here, then just click on the Reading Adventures Index link at the top of the second column (or here to make life easier for now). The index is sorted alphabetically by author, so hopefully you might be able to find some of your favourites there.

Leave a comment, either on this post, or the actual review, and I will add your links to the bottom of my posts. Going forward I will try to remember to ask people to leave their links in the comments and then I will add them to my reviews.


  1. hi, I linked you to a few of my reviews :)
    the stephenie meyers books, and the constant princess.

  2. I can't see this working for me Marg. I do try though, when I come across a review about a book I've also reviewed, to leave a comment at the time
    Over on my blog though, underneath the posting, there's a link that says "Links to this Post" - I haven't yet been able to work out what it does. Perhaps someone can enlighten me. When you click on it you get another one that says "Create a link" and when you click on that you get the URL of the post. Very bewildering

  3. Thanks Naida. I have also added your links to Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and Blue Dahlia.

    Kerrie, this is very much an experiment for me. I am not sure if I am going to be able to maintain it, or if it will need to be done in a different way or something, but we will see how we go.

    As to the create a link button, I think it depends on your template because I don't have that one. Someone else might be able to help you.

  4. I have some of your reviews saved already, but they're from way back in 2007 and I'm not sure I wrote a corresponding review.

    Meanwhile, I've marked you in google reader as a participant and will be sure to follow you in the future. :D

  5. Puss, I have linked to your reviews and Bottle of shine I look forward to hearing more from you in future!

  6. Believe it or not, it only looks there are only 2 of the same books that we both reviewed. There are some I reviewed on before I started blogging, but those don't count.

    I already linked your 2 reviews to the bottom of mine. Here are my links:

    Water for Elephants

    Death at Dawn

  7. Teddy, I have to say I am very surprised that there are only two, but I am sure there will be more going forward!

  8. Hey Marg

    I'm going through them, slowly but surely.

    Here's mine:

    That's all I found.

  9. Kerrie - the create a link button is so another blogger can link to your post with a permalink. So I'd click on the button and copy the URL and post it onto my site - that way if you ever changed your site structure or renamed the page my link wouldn't break and would still be able to find you. Which is why we should do it that way rather than copying the URL from the address bar.

  10. Thanks for the information Claire. I thought it must be something like that.

  11. Hi Marg - I've gone to Suite Francaise and added your link to my review. thanks so much for sending me yours, and even more that you added me to your review already! It saved me sending you my link! Hello, by the way, I don't think we've met, but I love your site and have added you to my blogroll aleady! I'll keep looking for more titles we share, but it is a long process and I'm still new at this!!! By the way, looks like you read some interesting books, and we share Charles de Lint!!!

  12. Hi Marg! Here are a few we have in common: (water for elephants)

    I haven't been linking up in my posts, but I hope you know that I have already linked you up here:


  13. Hi Marg. We have quite a few reviews in common:

    The Book Thief


    Valley of Silence

    Blood Brothers

    Back on Blossom Street

    Happy linking,
    Kristi (Passion for the Page)

  14. Hi Natasha and Kristi! Thanks for the links.

    Natasha, I do know that you are linking at your book reviews sites! It's a great resource!

  15. Thanks for stopping by Marg! I look forward to linking to any future book reviews we might have in common.

  16. Thanks for stopping by with your reviews. I have added them to mine.