Friday, June 13, 2008

The Errant Earl by Marlene Suson

Alienated from his family, Stephen Kendall had fought for Wellington, but now he had to return home, for he had unexpectedly inherited his father's earldom. tired, dispirited and upset to find the estate in poor heart, Stephen knew he had yet another hurdle to face - his wife. Maneouvered by his father into marriage with their neighbour's daughter, Laura Milford, but in love with another woman, Stephen has badly botched their wedding night, and for six years man and wife had not communicated. What was in store for him...?

This is really a non-review book post for one main reason - I can't remember a thing about this book! Normally I am fine with remembering most of the main facts in a book even a couple of months after reading it. With this book....nothing! Even reading the blurb doesn't jog any memories!

This book was one that I chose after Marlene Suson was chosen as Author of the Month over at Historical Romance Chat. She wasn't an author that I had heard of before, and when my library only had one of her book in the catalogue, there wasn't much choice in terms of what to read by her.

My problem with this book now is that I can't remember a lot about it. To be fair, it is a while since I read it, but on the flipside I actually only gave it a 3 at the time when I read it and that was straight after I finished it. I think it is fair to say that I was underwhelmed by it.

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  1. Hmm I have this one on my wish list... wondering if I should keep it there...