Saturday, June 07, 2008

Just like having a birthday!

Today I got the second half of my Amazon order, so I had a nice box full of books to open! Then I went to my letter box, and there was another package in their with a couple of books I had ordered in it, and then I went to the library and there were seven books waiting to be picked up from there as well. I have books everywhere all around me, and I am as happy as .... a bookworm surrounded by books!

In the Amazon box there was:

Hugh and Bess by Susan Higginbotham
- Susan, I really do intend to read both your first book and this book...I promise!

Key Lime Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke
- I have been reading this series for a while now, and whilst I have been a bit disappointed in the last couple I am hopeful that this one will be a return to form.

Shakespeare's Landlord by Charlaine Harris
- Having read all of the Sookie Stackhouse books (except for the latest one but I am no. 1 in the queue at the library for that one) and the Harper Connelly books, it was time to give a new series a go.

Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill
- I actually ordered this for a book club discussion that started on May 10. Whoops!

Lady of the Roses by Sandra Worth
- I haven't actually read the other Sandra Worth books that I own, but I do love the sound of her books!

Yorkshire by Lynne Connolly
- I have had these books on my TBR list for a while now.

The Romanovs: The Final Chapter by Robert Massie
- I have been reading a bit on the Romanovs over the last few years, particularly Robert Alexander's excellent books, so I figured it was time to attemps some non-fiction about them.

The other parcel had Lover Enshrined by JR Ward and Secrets of Surrender by Madeline Hunter in it.

From the library I picked up the following books. I am particularly excited by the first three on the list because I have been waiting an eternity for them to come onto the library catalogue!

  • Mistress of the Sun by Sandra Gulland
  • Seduction of the Crimson Rose by Lauren Willig
  • The Serpent's Tale by Ariana Franklin
  • Bright Shiny Morning by James Frey
  • Charming the Highlander by Janet Chapman
  • Devil Takes a Bride by Gaelen Foley
  • The Secret Diaries of Miss Miranda Cheever by Julia Quin

***It's probably a bit cheeky of me to give this post the above title, because it is my birthday! In addition to having lots of books arrive all at once, I also bought myself a copy of PS I Love You (the movie), some new jeans and a new top, some new pyjamas, and got given a Borders gift card and a new stereo. Now I just have to figure out how to connect the stereo up!


  1. Happy birthday, Marg! I hope you have a great day :)

  2. Wow! What a great hall! I look forward to reading all of your review, so get busy reading. LOL!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and MANY MORE MARG! I hope it was a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Birthday Marg! Sound like it was a great day for you :)

  4. Happy Birthday, Marg! Very nice to open a box to find new treasures to read.

  5. Thanks Julia and Barbara.

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope your day was fabulous!

    That Lullabies book sounds really good, by the way.

  7. I'm very curious about the Hugh and Bess book so I'll be looking forward to your opinion!

  8. Oh, I LOVE a big old box of books!