Sunday, June 08, 2008

Weekly Geeks #7 - Photo Week

The idea for Weekly Geeks this week (#6) was to catch up on reviews, so how did I go? Well, I wrote one, and started another. Not exactly a huge success! Having said that, it has been a really busy week this week!

The theme for this week is Photos.

1. Decide what to illustrate and start taking photos: Most of you are book bloggers, so you may want to post photos of your favorite reading spot, your TBR pile(s), your local book store, your favorite librarian, your child reading, etc. You may want to post several photos of a certain topic (like all nine of your kids reading!) or a mixed bag of photos that are unrelated except that they’re bookish. Or you may want to post just one photo, it’s up to you. If you have a different type of blog, post photos of whatever you think is suitable.

2. Create a post of your photos.

3. Don’t forget! Also link in your post to another participant’s WG photo post. Weekly Geeks is a community thing, remember! If you’re one of the first finished, of course, you may have to add your link later. See if you can find someone you don’t normally read to link to.

4. Once your post is up, come back and leave a link to that specific post (not just your regular blog url) in the Mr Linky at the bottom of this post.

To be honest I am not sure if I can do this one. I haven't decided if there is something wrong with my camera or just with the battery recharger, but I haven't been able to take photos for a while now. I must try and figure it out, because I do want to take some photos of the cards I have been making to post on my poor neglected card making blog! We'll see!

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  1. Your posting reminded me about doing my weekly geeks Marg. Hope you get your camera working