Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rated S for too sexy?

At the moment I am listening to Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie. I have read this before, but it was a long time ago and I had forgotten how steamy this book was, as well as how strong some of the language is. In fact, quite often I used to see people nominate the scene on the dock as one of the sexiest in romance and I used to be somewhat surprised and think I don't remember any really, really hot scenes in any of Jennifer Crusie's books. Let's just say my memory has been refreshed!

Not too long ago I convinced one of my workmates that listening to audio books whilst walking was a good idea. At first she was extremely sceptical, but it only took a few days for her to get to like it. We have been sharing some audio books, and so when I got Welcome to Temptation I asked her if she wanted to borrow it and she was like sure!

The only problem now is that I have been listening to it over the weekend and have realised exactly how sexy that dock scene is, along with some of the other scenes in the book (discovery fantasies anyone?) and all of a sudden I am thinking that she really isn't going to be comfortable with this book at all. So my dilemma is, do I go back into work tomorrow and hope she hasn't started listening to it yet and give her a ratings warning or do I wait for her to give it back and listen to her totally shocked reaction? Another workmate is trying this one out as her first audio book, but I think she will be fine with it but I am not sure about the other one!


  1. I don't really remember it being that sexy, either, although Rosina did use the "discovery fantasy" scene in Sophie's bedroom as an example of a well-done sex scene.

    Unless you know your co-worker would be offended for some reason (very religious and against sex outside of marriage?), I wouldn't worry too much about it. Or is it the fact that it will be in audio that might make it more shocking?

  2. Whether or not she's started listening to it, you could just say something like "FYI, as I've been listening to it, it's a lot more explicit about sex than I remembered, so heads up." She can decide for herself how much that's likely to bother her.

  3. LOL - I'd just tell her the truth - that you read it years ago and forgot there were some pretty explicit scenes in it and then leave it to her to decide if she wants to listen or not.

  4. That's a tough one, but I agree about being honest. One person's tolerance level for that is always different from the next person's. Also, I think it depends on the rest of the story as well. The sex scenes in Through Tempest Forged bothered me a lot and seemed to be on every other page. I didn't like the book in general, though. In another book, I might have enjoyed it.

  5. I agree with the honesty too even though I understand you might be a little uncomfortable with it. I've also been surprised a time or two with friends even when I gave them a heads up before they read the book. They wouldn't (probably) read romantica, but a little steam didn't bother them at all.

  6. Yep, I would give her a heads up like Kristie said.