Saturday, July 12, 2008

Strange connections!

It is really interesting how books that appear to have no link whatsoever really are connected.

Yesterday I finished reading Master of Verona (which I loved). The story is inspired partially by Dante (the main character is his son Pietro) and partially by Romeo and Juliet so there are lots and lots of references to different parts of Dante's most famous poem, including a lot about the doomed lovers Francesca and Paolo. Now, it is fair to say I had heard of the poet before but couldn't have told you much about it (still can't)!

Last night I started reading The Drowning Tree - and the main character in this book has two dog named Francesca and Paolo....after the characters in Dante's poems!

Bearing in mind that Master of Verona is set in 14th century Italy, and The Drowning Tree is a contemporary novel set in upstate New York, I actually would not have expected to find any connection at all between these two books and yet there is!


  1. This actually happens to me quite a bit. I will be reading and something just jumps out at me that was similar from another book I recently read, even though the books have nothing to do with each other. I can't think of anyting specific at the moment. Just note that you are not alone!

  2. Recently it seems that every three books I read has a pretty big connection for some reason. These are ARCs right now, so it's not something that I'm necessarily picking out.

    Hey, check out my blog. I've nominated you for an Excellence in Blogging award. :) Thanks for your blog! I love it and the reviews you publish.

  3. That happens to me all the time and I love making connections between books. I was reading The Venetian Mask, learning all about Venice and the very next book I read was a Plaidy novel (The Princess of Celle) and the characters frequented Venice. I already knew much about the city, so that was kind of neat.



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