Saturday, August 30, 2008

Blast from the Past

One of the bloggers that I read posted about some of her favourite 80's music on her blog today. One of the songs that she posted was Howard Jones Like to Get to Know You Well which is a cool song, but my favourite Howard Jones song ever is No One is to Blame:

Of course when you start messing around on Youtube before you know it you are following one link to the next and then also thinking of other things to search for and so that brings up to Uncanny X-Men and 50 Years. Did I hear you say WHO? I don't know that their name has lasted twenty years in terms of people remembering them as one of the great Aussie 80's music bands, but I did love this song and I still do!


  1. I love Howard Jones too! And agree No One is to Blame is better than Like to Get to Know You Well.

    I've never heard of your Aussie group but I did love lots of Aussie's: Men at Work and INXS come to mind immediately. Then of course their was Rick Springfield (sigh, I was young) and Crowded House.

  2. And they were just the ones that made it out of Australia. There were lots of great Aussie bands that didn't make it in the US that had plenty of classic hits!

  3. Hey Marg,

    I nominated you for an award on my blog.

  4. Boy do those videos bring back memories! Thank you!