Saturday, August 16, 2008

Well that was a little embarrasing!

I was feeling very pleased with myself this morning because we had what was going to be a great day planned. My son and I got up and going relatively early and caught the train into the city so that we would be there by 10am, and then wandered off to the event site...only to find that the event wasn't today but it is actually next week! Whoops!

I am blaming my brain not working on the fact that I am still recovering from when I was sick last week!

So instead of what I thought we were going to be doing we hung around in the city. We spent some time at the National Gallery of Victoria where they had two new to us exhibits that were really great. My nine year old boy likes going to the Art Gallery, but usually only likes to do one room before he starts getting a bit bored, but we actually went through one of the exhibits twice.

The one that we went through twice was called Klippel/Klippel: Opus 2008. What you can't tell from the link is how the exhibit space was set out. The first two rooms were these tiny, intricate little sculptures, but the first room was very dark with display boxes scattered throughout with just lighting within the boxes so that you could see the contents. The next room was completely white with the only thing breaking the whiteness/brightness the display boxes that were scattered around the room at different levels and more tiny and intricate modern sculptures. The third room was just a single piece, but it was 3 metres tall. The whole exhibit was very cool!

The second exhibit was called Look! New Perspectives on the Contemporary Collection and there were some great pieces there as well. One of my favourites was the second picture on the above link, but there were lots of others good pieces as well.

After all that culture we wandered around the city for a while and then went and watched our beloved Adelaide Crows play Aussie Rules Football. The only problem was that because I hadn't actually planned to go to the footy we weren't exactly dressed for sitting around in the cold, but it was a good win by the Crows, so we managed.

All in all, it was still a great day, just a different great day than I had planned!

Note to self: Melbourne Writer's Festival begins next week!


  1. That sounds fun, and those klippel sculptures look really cool and unusual. What is that saying...messed up travel plans is like a lesson in dancing...something like that.

  2. Carolyn Jean, those sculptures are cool. To put them into perspective, most of them are only 20 or 30cm tall. Some are a little bigger, but not by much.