Thursday, September 18, 2008

New author blog!

I know that there are likely hundreds of new blogs every day that if I just knew about I would be happy to read, but today there is just one that I wanted to share!

One of my favourite authors, Paullina Simons, has just started a blog! Wooo-hooo!

Now I have no idea how often she is going to blog, or about what or anything like that. I just know that there is an opening post, and there is a now a place where we can hear from Paullina herself about what she is working on etc.

The opening post already has some news in it about future books! It is probably a bit early to start anticipating, but I can't help it!

Edited to add: I suppose a link would help!

Edited again to say the link works now!


  1. I really need to read more from her!

  2. That's all I need. One more blog to visit!

    I'm half way through The Bronze Horseman - my first by PS. I am officially a fan.

  3. Yep, the link doesn't work. I can see one problem: html:// is in there twice. But, removing one of the html bits didn't make the link work.

  4. Okay, the link should work now!

    Don't know what I did there!



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