Sunday, October 26, 2008

Card Making Workshop - October 2008

This month's workshop was a little different than usual, because there was a decidedly pink flavour to the evening! Part proceeds of the evening went to Breast Cancer Awareness. There was about 12 or 13 of us, and all up I think we raised just under $300. Lots of pink and red lollies to keep us all energised, and the most delicious pink cupcakes and cream puffs. Yum! Good job we don't eat like that every month!

The workshops that I attend either focus on a particular project for the night, or a particular technique. This month it was a technique - using watercolour crayons. I loved the feel of the crayons, and the colour range in the biggest pack is awesome, but oh my goodness they are expensive! Now I have had some watercolour pencils here for ages, but haven't really been comfortable enough to try them, so this was a good opportunity for me to be a little braver. These are the cards that we made, each using a different type of technique (either applying directly to paper, via an aqua brush or directly to the stamp).

I have never been much of an artist, and I think that I probably need to practice at being a little more subtle and even handed with the watercolours.

This one was one where you coloured directly onto the stamp, then spritzed, and then stamped and then spritzed and stamped another two times to get the graduated image. It is fair to say that the instructor made this look a lot easier than it turned out to be!

This is one where we concentrated on getting the image, and then need to finish the cards off. I think I might end up taking it off the white card so that I can use it for something else. This appeared to be the easiest of the techniques that we used in my opinion, but there is more than one colour in there and we were trying to get a kind of graduation of colour.

I think it is fair to say that I need some more practice at the whole watercolour thing. Today a friend of mine who is just starting to make cards came over, and I introduced her to our local scrap booking store. I was very good and only bought a few things. Then we came home and made some cards. Actually I spent most of my time reorganising all my things, and I think it will be much easier to be inspired to make things now as I think that I have found a home for most of my craft items.

I did make her this handbag card to give to a friend. Unfortunately the picture is a little blurry but the other pictures I have don't really show the handbag shape very well.

Whilst I do think that I need more practice with the water colouring, last night's workshop did at least inspire me to get the pencils that I already have out and have a play. In fact I did lots of playing with different colour embossing as well. This is the images that I stamped and coloured this afternoon. I am hoping to put them into cards in due course.

Next month's challenge theme is a blue and silver Christmas. I think I am going to make a trifold card similar to this one that I made today. Normally I wouldn't have put this red check ribbon with this card, but it did echo the flowers nicely. You untie the ribbon and the card opens out.

I did make same maroon and gold cards using this idea last year and everyone really liked them. Now I just have to find the right card and paper. There was some gorgeous paper in the shop today, but we were looking at it thinking it looked more purple than blue, despite what the store assistant called it, and when we tried to find stock card to match it it turned out that the closest coloured card was purple, so will need to keep looking I think.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog on my visit. I love books; and it shows you love them too.

    I talk about books in my blog, mainly reviews or book news. I've just gotten started though.

    Although my blog isn't entirely about books in general, i do talk about them and will talk about them in the future. if you can, could you post a link to my blog?

    thank you.

  2. Hey Marg. This was my first visit and I must say I loved your blog. I'll step by more often.


  3. Marg, Thanks for your help regarding book covers. Also, beautiful cards, I have such a hard time with watercolor pencils. I seem to leave pencil marks that do not go away once you add water. I will keep at it.


  4. Vickie, I have to say that using an aqua brush seems to be much, much easier than using a small paintbrush.

    Thanks for stopping by Leonella. I am glad that you enjoyed my blog.

    Kasey, I will stop by and have a look.

  5. thank you! Much appreciated.

  6. Hi there, I have had your blog on my blogroll for a few days (found it in blogs to notice) and have had great fun reading your posts. I loved the one you had with your son and his friend who did not want to eat the pasta ;-) And then I can also tell you, that I am not really creative myself, so I think you have made some great cards!

    Lou (aka Bogsider, which means book-pages in Danish)

  7. Great cards. I have water color pencils and I like the effect I can get with them too.

    I really like the 2nd last pictures and the bold black with the color.

    Next time, can you show a picture of what you mean by the aqua brush? thanks

  8. Raidergirl, an example of the aquabrush can be found here.

    Lou, I am not really all that creative myself. I really struggle to come up with ideas and then to implement them. I think it gets easier with practice maybe.

  9. The little purse card is so cute! I haven't been playing with any of my rubber stamps in a while and I'm missing that. I haven't tried any watercolor techniques with stamps either so hmm, I'd like to give that a go. Have fun coming up with your next month's challenge card!

  10. The little purse card is surprisingly easy to make, which is a bonus!

  11. What do you mean you're not creative?! Of course you are! You did a great job on your cards! I would love to see the maroon and gold cards you made last year. You make me want to take out my stuff and start scrap card again :)

    I love the purse card you made. It cute!

  12. Blog walking. :)

  13. yeah, those crayons are fun, are they not? I have only used them on occasion, and not really in a card making setting. And good job raising money, how responsible! :D

  14. Oh my goodness what a wonderful set of sweet cards. They are all so adorable and fun!