Saturday, October 25, 2008

I'm being punished!

Some time ago Michele from A Reader's Respite tagged me to do a post about 6 things about myself. I started the post, and have been thinking about what I might possibly say as my six things, but never quite got around to actually finishing deciding what they were or posting my list.

Now, my tendency to procrastinate has got me in trouble, because now I have been tagged by Ana (and I think someone else) to do the Six or Seven Random Things About Myself meme that is going around!

How did it grow by a further item? I am not going to ignore it this time, because next time it might be 8 random things I have to think of!

1. I can touch my nose with the tip of my tongue and I can curl my tongue. This is as close as I get to having a party trick. Good job I don't go to parties very often!

2. Like Ana, I hate being photographed and avoid it whereever possible. I think part of it is that when I look at a photo I see myself how other people see me and not how I think I look when I look in the mirror.

3. I think I was probably a bit mean today. My son has a friend over to stay. He has been a few times, but the first time he came I posted about it here. He just about drove me crazy. Tonight, I served him up the same pasta he wouldn't eat last time, and guess what...he's eating it! Guess if you are hungry enough you will eat anything!

Uh-oh. Might have got a bit excited here, he has eaten a bit, but not nearly enough.

4. My computer monitor really doesn't like the heat. If I am on it for too long it goes black and I then need to give it a rest for a while. It has always done this. The unfortunate thing is that we are coming into summer and we tend to have quite warm summers. It can be very irritating at times!

5. Every morning when I get up I spend at least an hour on the computer checking emails, some blogs and forums, and then I get ready for work. It is a habit that I really must break, but I don't think I can! Then when I get home from work, I spend even longer doing the same things, including trying to get my Bloglines feeds down to zero - something I am not always successful at.

6. I can not begin to express how much it bugs me when people park outside of the marked bays at the train station car park when there are still spaces left at the back. Once it is full, park where ever you can, but if there are still spaces, then use them and walk instead of being lazy!

7. I am currently in the middle of a reviewing slump. Notice that I didn't say reading slump, because I am definitely still motoring through the books, but I am struggling to sit down and write reviews for my books even if I have just finished them, or if I loved them. Hopefully this goes away soon, because I have a list a mile long of books that I need to review.

Now for who to tag: (Bwahahaha!)

We'll start with some reason commenters - Kim from Sophisticated Dorkiness,
Strlady from Sandy's Reading Journal, Kerrie from Mysteries in Paradise and Julia from Julia's Book Corner. I am also going to tag Jane, Natasha from Maw Books, Bonnie from Bon's Time Out.

Of course, if you feel inspired to do this meme yourself (and lets face it...why wouldn't you be! LOL!) then leave a comment with a link so I can find out a little about you too.


  1. agh Marg! I hate memes!! People cringe when they see me coming. I have to choose the unsuspecting (or volunteers)
    I may just do the 7 things about me and encourage some volunteers to take up the baton

  2. LOL Marg you just made me try to touch my nose with the tip of my tongue! I can't do it! You're unique. :-)

  3. Sorry Kerrie!

    I will try to remember that for next time I get tagged and choose to do it!

    Ana, I don't know about unique, but there aren't many of us around who can do it!

  4. Much like Ana T, I can't touch my nose with my tongue... damn it!! thats a talent, I have to say!

    I also do the morning computer thing.. I am doing it right now. I woke up at 9, still in PJs at my desk.. its now 11:23. OOps! The things we do eh? :)

  5. That sounds exactly like my weekends Sam! Today was a bit different, I was out and about early and kept busy most of the day!

    And we wonder where the day goes!

  6. Are you sure it's your monitor dying out on you or is it your system unit? Because if you're saying that the heat is causing this thing I'd say that it's your system unit.

    1. Check if your system unit has enough ventilation. Maybe it's too close to the wall or is enclosed.
    2. Turn on you fan and point it at the direction of your system unit.
    3. Worse case and your CPU is already clogged with dust...that is, if you're not into computer a technician to clean it for you.

    And YES, I must agree with the others that you have a unique talent of being able to touch your nose with your tongue.

    Check me out at

  7. I also spend at least half an hour on the computer every morning. I know I could probably use that time more productively, but hey, it helps me wake up properly :P

  8. Good casual post..interesting read

  9. If I didn't like sleep so much, I'd also be on the computer every morning for an hour of so catching up on the world news, blogs, and my emails (I wake up with like 50 of them every morning)!

  10. Oh no...another tag LOL....kidding!

    Give me times to do this one and I notify you when I post it at my blog :)

    Thanks for the tag!

  11. Hey Marg! Just letting you know that I finally done the tag...once you get there, just scroll down a bit :)

    Thanks - that was fun!

  12. This is real fun mate! Your blog reeks of uneaten pasta!

  13. I just visited your blog for the first time, and since I am a fellow hour-in-the-morning-to-start-the-day person, I decided to Write Seven random things about myself!.

    Looking forward to coming back to visit your blog!