Friday, October 24, 2008


This was pretty much me on Thursday morning:


Absolutely tearing my hair out! Why, you may ask. Well, because I am the mother of a ten year old boy and sometimes it is just much harder than it should be!

My child has an allergy to tree nuts, and therefore he has to take allergy medication and an Epi-pen to before and after school care, as well as anywhere else we go, every day. For once, we were leaving on time for school, and I was on target to get my normal train, when just as we were pulling into the school car park he turns to me and says "I've forgotten my epi-pen. Sorry Mummy." Because it could potentially be very serious if something happens and he doesn't have the medication, I turn around and drive home again. He goes inside the house to get it, but returns to the car empty handed.

"It's not there" he says. So I check in his school bag, and look at that, it has been there the whole time. At this point, I am just a little bit cross, have now missed the normal train and I am aiming for the late train. I drop him off at school, and then go to the train station, and am lucky enough to find a carpark in a marked bay (lucky because at that time of the morning the carpark is usually completely full).

Now, before I go too much further in this story, I need to tell you that he asked for a lunch order today. I said yes and so he got the money required out of my purse and did what we need to do.

Back to the story. With the extra trip I made I had missed the normal train, but was early for the late train, so had the brainwave that maybe I could go and get some breakfast from the nearby bakery. I needed to check if I had enough cash, so went to get my purse out of my bag. purse! You guessed it. The little darling had left my purse on the cupboard at home instead of putting it back where it goes.

Another trip back home to retrieve the purse, and I got back to the train station (no parks now) just as the late train left, so I ended up catching the even later train! Eventually I got to work, and all was well, but seriously, there are days when it takes all your energy not to be a complete screaming banshee all day long!


  1. Children. They will always keep you on your toes so make sure you're still watching! What a day for you. I can relate. I have an 18 year old boy and 17 year old girl and I'm sorry to say that I'm still having days like yours!

  2. O I totally feel for you. I admire your perseverance though. I would have wanted to just crawl back into bed :)

  3. ahhhh the joys of motherhood!
    you could write a book on epi-pen dramas, just about keeping it with him not the using even!!!

    oh and great to see your card hobby is ongoing
    and while I am here Big Time (albeitbelated) congrats on being the Bog of the Day (??) recently.
    lastly I joined Tues Teasers this week.
    Do have a relaxed weekend!!

  4. Boy, I guess so. Sounds way fun! :D

  5. Some days are just like that I guess. Glad it wasn't me though.

  6. You are right Natasha. Some days are just like that!

    Jane, keeping track of the Epi-pen certainly feels like the hardest part of managing the allergy some days!

    Amanda the thought of just crawling back into bed and staying there was certainly tempting!

    Ada, oh no! I still have years of this kind of stuff to look forward to. Great!

  7. Oh Marg what a day you had! I do admire you for being able to cope with all that and not losing it.

    Btw I tagged you

  8. Nice blog, mundane stuff, but nice read.
    your blogs theme reminds me of Beatles song inner light.
    "Without going out of my door
    I can know all things of earth
    With out looking out of my window
    I could know the ways of heaven"

  9. Boys can be a challenge, but there are also a great deal of fun. The allergy situation must be difficult for a young boy. He has to be more responsible than other boys his age. Hang in there! It sounds like you are a great mom!


  10. I'm going to recommend a book to you since you like Historical Fiction and I don't see it in your index. It was a favorite of mine... The People's Act of Love by James Meek. enjoy!

  11. Bonnie, I hadn't heard of that one before. Thanks for the rec.

  12. Hi Marg, kudos to you for persevering. My daughters' school is very allergy-aware & every classroom is equipped with epi-pens. Not sure if your son's school has a similar policy, but it might be worth mentioning. As an aside, I'm currently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows. :)

  13. The school has an epipen in the office but not in every classroom. It isn't actually the school that he needs to take it with him for, it is the before and after school care, because they are saying that it would take too long for them to unlock the school office if something did happen.

    I hope you enjoy that book! I thought it was a great little book!

  14. We still have plenty of days like that, even though my youngest is about to turn 17. The epi-pen is certainly not something you can brush off or say, "Well, too bad, you'll just have to do without it."

  15. What a start to a day...I have 2 kids, a 5 year old girl and 2+1/2 year old boy, both are very testing but in that I think is the joy when you look back and laugh, hopefully this can occur for you and hopefully the rest of your day was better.

  16. I can sympathize with you. I hate it when some days are harder than others I'm that you made it through for another day.

  17. It certainly isn't Bookfool. The likelihood of needing to use it is remote, but it would be a disaster if it was needed and it wasn't accessible.

    Mistere, once I got to work and could laugh about it is was okay, but I've had less stressful starts to the day, that's for sure!

    Jamie, thanks for stopping by.

  18. Visiting from Blogger/Blog of Note! :)

  19. You went through all that? Reading it drives me nuts!

  20. We were all 10 once...
    It was awesome.
    Till we turned 11.
    I love your writing.
    Keep it up!