Sunday, November 23, 2008

Australian Idol 2008

Australia has a new Idol - Wes Carr!

This year they did individual singles instead of the same single for all possible winners and this is his! I really like it!

Of course, last year's Idol winner didn't exactly set the world on fire, so much so that I couldn't actually remember who won, but I do hope that Wes is going to do better! I will probably buy his album. Check out his Michael Jackson song on Youtube, and the others there - he really is the total package!


  1. Wes is a sap, no personality, long haired git. He looks like a girl(sorry girls, but a girl with greasy hair maybe).

    Gee the competition sucked this year. If that is the best of Australian talent they need to take a few years off.


  2. I didn't even know you guys were doing this show. I think he's pretty good. I like his hair, too.

  3. Saaaaaaayyyy - if you are posting videos of Australian Idol - how about when it gets down to the final group - vid's of the best of SYTYCD Australia? 'Cause I'm real het up on this show now *g*

  4. Rockin'! I stopped watching American Idol a few years ago when the wrong people kept winning.

  5. I like the song. Wes looks fine. I wouldn't mind looking a him. I usually do not watch American Idol, but I have become a fan of some of the winners.

  6. Anything is possible Kristie!