Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Come on Dover. Move Your Bloomin' Arse!

It's Melbourne Cup Day here, and that means that we don't have to go to work!

It seems quintessentially Aussie to have a day off for a horse race, although I have heard of a couple of other places around the world where they do the same, but not many! Given that I have a complete lack of interest in horse racing for me it is just a day off, although a few of my friends are very much interested in dressing up and going to the races. One of my friends has all of this week off so that she can attend most of the Spring Racing Carnival. I'm not sure how many races she actually sees, but I know she has a good time.

I couldn't place a bet to save myself, so the closest I get to gambling is to participate in the sweep at work. Unfortunately there are no horses in the race called Dover. If there was I would have to learn how to place a bet to put some money on it. It's not really a skill that I feel I must have so for now I am not going to worry too much about it!

A lot of years I don't even remember to watch the big race, and I don't necessarily see today being any different. I am planning to do a bit of housework, read for a bit, maybe watch some TV, maybe have an afternoon nap. Of course, plans can change - it's still early in the day yet!


  1. I can't think of anything we have that would be equivalent--although we do get the day after Thanksgiving off. Not sure why.

    Anyway, I'm envious of you today--I'd love to have the day off!! :)

  2. At least Thanksgiving is a country wide holiday. This day off is just for Melbourne and it's environs.

  3. We get Old Home Week Parade day off in the summer - it's related to a horse race on Saturday night. Only around Charlottetown gets that day off too. Kind of like your day.

    I love holidays like that where it doesn't really affect you, except the day off. Enjoy your day!

  4. WOW! Are you actually complaining? Forget about holidays, I had to work on Sunday too :-( Poor me.

    Enjoy your day :-) Cheers!

  5. Sorry - My system hung and I ended up clicking the message a million times. :-D

  6. Good job I wasn't complaining! LOL!!

    Just making an observation really.