Friday, November 07, 2008

Publisher's Weekly Best books of the year

It's a bit scary really to think that we are nearly at the end of the year and it is time to start thinking about what have been the best reads of the year.

Publisher's Weekly have put their thoughts together. The list is LONG, so
here is a link for you to click over to read for yourself. I am just hoping to comment on a few of the categories!


These ones are on the list to be read:

When Will There Be Good News? by Kate Atkinson - just picked this up from the library tonight

Sea of Poppies by Amitav Ghosh - intend to read this for the Booker Challenge
The Boat by Nam Le - I have heard a lot of great things about this book, and it is a bonus that it is by an Aussie author.
Serena by Ron Rash - heard good things about this book.
Breath by Tim Winton - I really should have read more Winton. What a bad Aussie I am!
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski


There's a couple of familiar author names but I haven't read any of the books.


None of these either!

Mass Market

I have read Private Arrangement by Sherry Thomas. To get on this list with your debut book is such a great achievement.

Religious Fiction

The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner - Heard a few good things about this one but haven't read it yet!

Children's Ficton

Nation by Terry Pratchett - Given that it is Pratchett I will get to it eventually.


  1. Well, I recently read the Sawtelle one, and the Sea of Poppies is at home waiting, so I must be doing alright.

    I'll have to have a look at the hole list for inspiration :)

  2. I want to read "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle". I have so many on my list to read, I don't know when I will get to it.

  3. Thanks for pointing the list out Marg.
    I can't help wondering why some of the crime fiction books are not listed under Mystery though.

  4. Doesn't make much sense does it!

  5. I've read both Breath and The Story of Edgar Sawtelle(which I also reviewed here if it interests anyone)

    They are both well worth reading.
    I've read several books by Winton by the way. I love Aussie lit. (I'm in Canada)

    I'm off to peruse the rest of the list.

  6. I really should read more Aussie fiction!

  7. Marg, I remember that you like to stamp and make cards. I just joined a group called I belive there is still room to join the current group. I thought about your Card Making Adventures, thought I let you know.

  8. I didn't like Breath at all, but I'd be willing to try another one of his sometime.

  9. I've been interested in the Journal of Helene Berr. I've seen it pop up in a few places lately.



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