Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sung to the tune of Sgt. Peppers...

It was 3 years ago today
I started to blog and play

It doesn't really fit does it??

Oh well...I am sure you get the sentiment. On this day three years ago I started this blog. Little did I know that blogging would become such a big part of my life, so much so that it is my main hobby as well as the source of my connection with people all around the world.

Now that I look back at those early posts and reviews I cringe, but at the end of the day they are what they are, and so I leave them up for posterity!

So let's review the last year or so shall we? Personally I think that the focus of this blog has moved a little bit from just a predominantly book review blog, to all a more general reading blog, and these days a little card making as well as with a bit of life in general. The only problem with that last part is that I live such a boring life that it is hard to find anything interesting to post about there! LOL!!

Another change this year has been the whole hearted jump into Reading Challenges! It's hard to believe that last year I didn't participate in any challenges that I remember.

A big highlight of the last few months was being Blogger of Note for a day. My number of visitors skyrocketed to more than 30000 visitors a week! Wow! The numbers of visitors has dropped down again a fair bit, but some of the people who found me through Blogger of Note have stuck around! Thanks to all of you who did!

Last December's Blog Advent Tour was very successful, and this years is already sure to be bigger and better! If you haven't already signed up, please do so. There are lots of first timers who have already signed up, many of whom are new blogs to me!

Another highlight has been watching the continuing growth of Historical Tapestry, a group blog that focuses on the historical fiction genre! I am very excited about the things that have been happening over there recently, and I look forward to more great HF news and reviews from the group.

What hasn't changed? I still read a lot. As always I am behind on my reviews, I still haven't found another job, I still use the library a lot, the list of blogs that I read in my Bloglines account continues to grow ever longer, and I still love blogging!

Seeing as I started with a Beatles reference, it seem only fair to provide a snippet of a couple of their songs! Enjoy.


  1. That's a real achievement Marg. Congratulations

  2. 30,000 visitors a week! Wow! Very cool! You've had a good year, and I hope many more to come.


  3. Here is to you and hope you have more blogging years. That was were I found you, in the Blog of Note list. Just a few days after I started blogging. You were my first visitor and you were nice enough to leave a comment. I apreciate you were not stingy with the clicky love.

  4. Congrats on three years, that is awesome!


  5. Happy Blogversary! I was one of those who found you on Blogs of NOte :) Glad I did!

  6. Congrats and here's to another three years!

  7. Happy Blogoversary!

  8. Happy Blogoversary!

  9. congratulations on your blogging achievements, Marg! I've just recently started my own blog and have yet to generate as much interest or traffic as yours does. I am particularly impressed with the following that your blog has. I am hoping to get mine to be more so, but it seems to be very difficult to generate a perpetual discussion. In this post alone, you have an impressive 17 comments. Care to enlighten a newbie blogger with your insight and wisdom?

  10. Wow--it was so neat to read your reflections of the past year. No challenges last year?? I jumped into those as soon as I started blogging but got quickly overwhelmed--I think next year I'll cut out a few.

    It looks like you have had so many positive experiences with blogging--and I agree that the source of connection across the world is amazing and wonderful.

    Glad that after 3 years you still love blogging!!

  11. Wow 3 years! Happy Blogaversery! I love the Beatles and I love your blog! I feel so honoured to be a part Historical Tapestry with you!