Thursday, December 04, 2008

Day 4 - 2008 Advent Blog Tour

I haven't quite managed to figure out what time of day is the best time to put up the post each day.

The problem is the different time zones around the world. As I type this, it is currently approx 1.30pm on 4 December here in eastern Australia. In Los Angeles it is only 6.30pm in LA on 3 December, and in London it is 2.30am on 4 December! So if I post now, my day is over half way done, it is just starting in the UK and there is still a whole lot of Wednesday left in the US! I think I will probably schedule to the post so it is published at 4pm my time, so hopefully that is not too confusing for everyone.

That is a very complicated way of saying, put your tour post up whenever you are ready. I will be announcing the stops earlier than a lot of people will be ready, but I will go back and amend the post to add in the exact links once the posts are up.

Today the tour is visiting Ladytink from Ladytink's Neverland and Kim from Page After Page.

Looking forward to another great day on this year's tour.


  1. Hey Marg, I sent two emails now, one to each address I have from you....

  2. Hey, thanks for clarifying, I was wondering about that. I intend to post my the night before, since I always see your new post for the next day before I go to bed. That work?