Sunday, December 14, 2008

Still growing!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I bought some fruit and vegies to grow. It took me a couple of weeks to repot them, but when I did I decided to put them up on my back deck. I wasn't convinced that it was really the best place for them but I wanted them to be right there so that I would see them every day and not forget to water them. I have to say that so far most of them seem to be thriving. The herbs are probably the ones that aren't doing so well, but I might move them so that they are closer to the light!

In the background to the first photo you can see what my plants generally end up looking like! The main reason for posting these today is in celebration of the fact that they aren't dead yet! Yay!

I have managed to do a few things this weekend actually. I have just finished emptying the memory card for my camera (because it was full). On the card there were pictures from our holiday 2 years ago!

The other thing that my friend and I did is put together the exercise bike that I bought as a birthday present to myself not last year, but the year before. Better late than never right? The plan is to do 1o minutes each morning while the news, sport and weather headlines are on and then build up from there. Of course, that was the plan when I bought it too, but that didn't exactly happen did it!

My son isn't very good at posing for pictures. Pulling faces are not that unusual, but the one on this photo is right up there with some of the worst faces I have seen for a while!

My Christmas shopping is pretty much done as well, so all in all a pretty productive weekend. Let's just not think about the fact that I didn't get to finish cleaning the kitchen, and I am still doing washing etc etc.


  1. Your son's look is hilarious! My oldest boy does those crazy faces, sometimes it's better to tell him not to smile LOL! Oh I need to do laundry, finish the kitchen and finish shopping, so you're got me beat! And yet here I am on the computer! Have a great week!

  2. The last one is a strawberry plant isn't it? I used to have a little garden of some when I was a kid.

  3. The last one is a strawberry plant! And there are at least 10 strawberries on the way

  4. lol-I love the look on your son's face.

    I'm so full of envy here in Canada over you growing any kind of plants right now. I wish! They look heavenly to me right now with the 40 below temps we've got now.

    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Oh, it's a cute face. It's one of those that could go in a scrapbook or be pulled out to show the girlfriend when he's older. Your plants are gorgeous!

  6. Strawberries! I love 'em. They're fun and easy to grow. I've pretty much killed all my house plants, so I'm going to start over in the new year.

    Your son looks adorable!

    I cannot even begin to imagine taking that long to fill up a memory card, although I've got a nice big 32-gig memory card, now. I love it! It takes about 2500 photos on the setting I usually use. That's probably about 2 or 3 weeks' worth, for me, depending on whether or not we take a "field trip".

  7. I don't take any where enough photos! I am hoping that Santa might bring me a new digital camera. Mine was pretty good when I bought it 6 or so years ago, but these days even the el cheapo cameras have better features!