Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

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The scary thing is it is going to be even hotter tomorrow and Friday.

43.2C (109.8F) is far too hot to do anything!


  1. Goodness! I'd be melting for sure! No more complaining about the ups (70's F) and downs (40's F) over the past few weeks for me.

  2. And here I am at the opposite end of the spectrum. While it is colder in other parts of Canada, we have had like minus 25 degree weather lately! That's too cold to do much in, really. You freeze just walking to your car!

  3. I am thinking that is dang hot!

  4. Oh Marg ... I'd LOVE to be there ... I woke up to an inch and a half of ice on my car ... it took an hour just to clean the windshield, so I didn't even try the back or side windows ... *blech* ... send some of that heat up here to Maryland please! :)

  5. Yeap I agree thats way to hot. Want some of this 9 degree weather we had this morning?? =)

  6. LOL. I'll trade you hot for cold. It's around 20 F here. Wait, in a few months, we will trade.

  7. Wow! 43.2C! I was in Perth some time ago and thought 40C is hot! I hope the nights are cooler?

  8. They are cooler than 43C, but they are still in the high 20s which makes for uncomfortable sleeping conditions.

    I'd be happy to trade some of our heat against some of your cool. Mind you I don't want to swap completely because I so could not cope in the weather that you all have!



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