Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's summer, it's cricket!

Both on Sunday and Tuesday night we have been watching the Twenty20 cricket between Australia and South Africa. This format is considered to be the rock n roll version of the game, and on Sunday night a new star emerged. David Warner smashed the ball all around the ground. He didn't deliver on Tuesday, but considering that he hasn't even played state cricket, it's pretty amazing for him to be in the Australian side playing in front of 60000 people at the MCG.

The other side of the equation is finding yourself facing balls that are being bowled at you at speeds of greater than 150kms an hour, which can be painful if you get hit in the wrong place. This happened on Sunday night, and the player didn't end up playing on Tuesday because his hip bone still hurt.


  1. We had the last ODI between NZ and WI yesterday. It was rained out yet again. (I think 4 out of the 5 have been rained out.) NZ won by Duckworth-Lewis, but it's just not the same.

    The crazy thing is that the weather has actually been pretty good all over the country, just never on cricket match days.

    Going to watch the videos you posted when the 4 year old isn't sitting on my watching TV and likely to complain about "Mummy's cricket" yet again. (I'm bigger than him, I win the fight for the remote when cricket is on.)

  2. i have to be honest, being from the US, I know NOTHING about cricket - i seriously didn't know that you throw and hit the ball that hard! - I always thought of cricket more like a version of bowling on the green (shame on me, I know)



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