Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Natural enemies of the list

So far I have identified three major enemies of the list, or rather of achieving the items on the list.

Number 1 is the heat. We are finally having some summer, although we have gone from pretty cool to very hot in a very short period of time.

Number 2 is the Australian Open tennis. I don't usually watch a lot of tennis, but I do like watching our major tournament. I think it is because it is accessible and not something that we have to stay up all night to watch.

Number 3 is computer games. I knew I shouldn't do it, but I downloaded a couple of games yesterday. Nothing very interesting, just one of those games that you find yourself playing for hours and suddenly being shocked at how long it has been, and that it is 1 am. Whoops!

The other thing that interests me is how quickly my body settles back into it's preferred pattern of staying up late and getting up late. with a nap in the afternoon!


  1. Oh Marg I just love naps in the afternoon, that has to be one of the good things of being on vacation!

  2. ha ha! Sounds like you are having fun! I used the library for the first time in like five years! (Other than the university one, of course.)

  3. lol Marg-natural enemies of the list. I'm the same, if I get started on games I'm hooked for a while. lol. I could only wish I was in the middle of summer though. Sounds like your enjoying your time so far.

  4. The heat, lol. My husband's boss was in Australia for 2 weeks and he was laughing at us because we were freezing and had snow.

    For a while there I was addicted to my kids Webkinz games.

  5. Enemies of the list....you're cracking me up here, Marg!



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