Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A sign from God

I have had a sign from God that tells me that it is pointless to continue with the list!

I took my child to see Bolt today at the local cinemas. I thought the movie was quite good although I am glad that I am not taking a 3 year old to see it. I guess it is no different from The Incredibles in that there is quite a lot of blowing up of helicopters and cars etc, but it does seem that the cartoon genre has moved away from just cute with a message like the ones we got with The Lion King etc.

There were a number of trailers that looked good. The boy wants to see Return to Witch Mountain, mainly because it stars Dwayne Johnson (aka The Rock) because he is obsessed with wrestling at the moment. I want to see Inkheart, even though I haven't read the book, and then there is Ice Age 3 as well.


I was looking for a picture to put with this post and I ended up on IMDB, where I was reading through the goofs, and something that someone has added is this 'error':

The CSX diesel locomotive pulling the train that Bolt swings onto from the bridge is an EMD SD70M, #432. CSX did not number any of their SD70Ms in the 400s. CSX numbered their SD70Ms from 4675 to 4699. CSX locomotive #432 is, in reality, a CW44AC (CSX's designation for an AC4400CW).
Seriously? Do you see my eyes glazing over? It's a cartoon for goodness sake!

**end aside**

One cute thing was that there was a little girl there who obviously has been listening to the Mamma Mia soundtrack, but she only knows, or likes, one line. I first saw her on the steps, and then again inside, and then heard her in the toilets singing "Honey honey, now you kill me" over and over again.

Anyway, onto the message about the list! I went outside to where my nice clean car should have been, to see a car exactly the same as mine, except there were multiple deposits of bird poop on it! Don't they understand that I have only just had it cleaned! Surely that is a sign from some higher power about the futility of the list?

See how easily I can be deterred from the list? That's why I needed to introduce some accountability!


  1. I want to see Return to Witch Mountain because I liked the first two movies... I haven't seen a preview for it in the theatres yet, but hopefully I will soon! I want to see Inkheart too, of course!

  2. I probably need a list like yours. Husband and I are trying to clean the apartment well before we adopt a couple of cats. We figure if we start from a clean slate... Anyway, reorganizing the kitchen took 3 days and now we're pooped. But there's more to do! Blah!

  3. I've given up on to-do lists -- I never seem to cross anything off anyway!

  4. List do not belong on holidays. Enjoy your holiday the list will be there when you go to work. The signs have spoken. :)

  5. There is going to be another "Ice Age" movie? COOL!

    I also want to see "Inkheart". I am such a Brandon Fraser fan ever since the first "Mummy" came out.

    My daughter wants to see the movie about the dog hotel.

    Bad news about the car, but you are on vacation. You are not supposed to be doing chores:)

  6. Count on it! If you wash your car, it also rains!

  7. My eyes glazed over too. Way too many numbers there lol. Bolt isn't really high on my list of must-sees to tell the truth...

  8. I wasn't all that interested in seeing it either Ladytink, but I thought it was pretty good in the end.

    BFS, maybe I should go and wash it again, because we could do with the rain!

    Vickie, Brendan Fraser isn't the first person I think of when it comes to hot movie stars, but then I see him and I think nice...very nice.

    Krissi, the problem is that I am too tired when I get home from work so nothing on the list gets done when I am not on holidays either!

    Lynn, I am doing okay so far, although nothing is going to get crossed off today.

    Janicu, sometimes it does seem overwhelming doesn't it!

    Kailana, I have vague recollections of seeing something about earlier Witch Mountain movies, but don;'t think I have seen them!

  9. I am looking forward to seeing Inkheart as well, Marg. And Return to Witch Mountain. Animated films really aren't quite the same as they used to be. I haven't yet see Bolt, but I probably well once it's out on DVD.

    That's too cute about the girl singing the Mamma Mia! line. :-)