Tuesday, January 06, 2009


I can't find my car keys or house keys.

I got home from work last night and opened the door, so I had them then. I didn't go anywhere last night, but they aren't in my bag or any of the other usual places I leave them, and I have no idea where else to look for them.

I don't have my spares either because my son has them with him.

I can't even think where else to look, and I am now officially going to be late for work.


  1. I hope you find them! I think I spend half my time looking for stuff!

  2. I did that once. I went crazy finding them-they were still in the door-had been there all night. Hope you managed to find yours.

  3. Uh oh-I hope you find them! Like Dar, I've lost mine in the door on occasion. Now I keep them on a ridiculously long lanyard, so that I can hopefully see the string peeking out from somewhere.

  4. I've managed to lock them in between two doors before!

    I have found them this morning.... in my bag. I swear I looked for them there four times but never mind! I even went and looked in the freezer and fridge in case I had a crazy moment last night! LOL!

  5. I hate when that happens. Including looking in my bag, not finding them. Later looking again and dangnapit they are there! I think I have a ghost in my house:)

    Freezer and fridge, that is funny!

  6. lol-I know that feeling. You look and look in that spot and nothing is there and all of a sudden there it is. Imagine someone snuck them in there on you and you'll feel better.

  7. Hubby has left the keys in the door overnight a few times and couldn't find them in the morning. Glad you found yours! I bet the purse monster ate it...

  8. I am the queen of losing things. Between my keys, cellphone, and wallet I spent forever looking for one or the other! The best is when I remember thinking that I am putting them somewhere I will easily be able to find them the next day, and then I can't find them! Go me! lol

    Glad you found yours!

  9. Like Eva said, I've left mine in the door more than once.

  10. Oh darn, you found them. IO was going to offer to fly there and help you look for them. "but hun, she's a friend in need, even if she is accross the globe." LOL!

    On a more serious note, Harper Collins Canada put a book in the mail for me today. My most coveted book of the year! Yep, The Lieutenant by Kate Grenville! I am so excited!

    The only bad thing is I had to promise to hold my review until after it is realesed here on May 15th. Frown.

  11. Oy, I hope you've found them!

    When I was student teaching, I kept my keys in my coat pocket ('cause I had three roommates & no space for leaving keys around). One morning, I was leaving & and I couldn't find my keys. I looked everywhere. I shook my coat & it sounded like they were in there, but there was no key bulge in the pockets. No holes in the pocket liners.

    I had to call my mom to bring me my spare key. I don't remember how much later (that night? the next day?) I realized that there were two pockets in my jacket I hadn't been aware of (well hidden in the seams) and somehow I had put my keys in one of those pockets. If I hadn't slipped my keys into that pocket, I don't know if I ever would've realized the pockets were there.