Monday, February 02, 2009

Don't mention the white elephant!

I know it isn't really funny, but this story amused/amazed me today when I found out about it!

Back on December 19 last year, after months and months of construction and a few costly delays, a new tourist attraction opened in Melbourne. Dubbed 'The Southern Star' it was our very own version of the London Eye ferris wheel, giving visitors a changing view of Melbourne and it's environs.

At around $29 for an adult and $17 for a child, I hadn't yet managed to go to the wheel, but I certainly intended to do so, probably next time we had visitors from interstate or overseas. I should however have made the effort to go earlier because, umm, it has had to close already.

You know how I have mentioned that it has been a bit hot here over the last week? Apparently the $100m project didn't factor in the summer heat and the extreme weather conditions caused the wheel to buckle and crack and it is closed for the foreseeable future while they try to figure out how to fix it.

So, it cost $100 million to build, and it was open for a total of 6 weeks!

I know there are lots of other examples of this kind of thing. The Millenium Dome that sat unused in London for seven years before it was reopened, and the pedestrian bridges across rivers that then can't be used.

Anyone else got any good examples of this kind of thing?

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  1. Thats rather amusing very much like our Dome although its a roaring success now, hope they manage to get it fixed!