Thursday, March 12, 2009

Problem? What problem?

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 4.30pm, I went to the library and picked up all the books that were there waiting for me. A couple of hours later I was checking my account for the due dates so I could add it to my spreadsheet to help me keep track of the due dates and renewals when I noticed that there was already a couple of more books to pick up.

Today at approximately 1.30pm, I went to the library to pick up those books. An hour later, there were already two more books there ready to be picked up.

No really, my library list is definitely still under control. Maybe, just a little bit, still under control??

Today I started reading Angelique and the Sultan by Sergeanne Golon on the train. No problem there either, until you see the cover, which is, shall we say, a little sultry! A lovely 60s style sex kitten pose on a book set in the 17th century! Excellent!


  1. He, I know what you mean about the holds getting out of control - but I don't think I'm in as bad a shape as you (yet).

    Our online hold system shows me which ones are close to showing up at the library so I can delay my trip until the others are there as well. That is unless I'm dying to read the one that's already there.

  2. My holds can wait another week or so to pick up, and they probably will until at least Sunday, but it was just really strange that I no sooner get home and there was more to pick up.

  3. My Library holds them for 7 days but I work only 2 blocks away so it is no problem.
    That is quite the cover on your book.

  4. I think mine are held for two weeks, but don't quote me on that!

  5. Mine are held for two weeks, but I rarely leave them there that long! I used to go pick up books only to have more come in, so now I wait until about an hour before the library closes and they are usually all there!

  6. don't you love when you go through droughts on the library reserve list and then it all comes in at once. lol

  7. I can so relate to this. I don't think I'm ever going to get to my long-waiting TBR of my own books, because library books keep coming along to tempt and distract me.

  8. Kailana, I think that there has only been once when a book has stayed there all that time.

    Serena, that seems to happen all the time!

    Kerry, I do struggle to fit my own books in around library due dates, and yet I keep buying!

  9. This is quite the cover...I'll definitely be waiting to hear your thoughts on this one when you finish :)

  10. I read all of the Angelique series back in the 70s when I was in my early teens - just lapped them up :)



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