Wednesday, April 01, 2009

March Update

This month was a pretty good one reading wise. I ended up reading 17 books, but it is fair to say that I had a very average reviewing month, with only two reviews written! I do have a couple of reviews nearly written so we will see how we go with actually posting them!

New Year's Quilt by Jennifer Chiaverini (4/5)
Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson (4/5)
The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman (5/5)
The Chocolate Run by Dorothy Koomson (4/5)
Silent in the Sanctuary by Deanna Raybourn (4/5)
Living with the Dead by Kelley Armstrong (4/5)
Death Before Wicket by Kerry Greenwood (3.5/5)
Plum Spooky by Janet Evanovich (3.5/5)
Angelique and the Sultan by Sergeanne Golon (4/5)
Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich (4/5)
The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen (4.5/5)
Night of Flames by Douglas W Jacobson (4.5/5)
Superior Saturday by Garth Nix (4/5)
Venus in Copper by Lindsey Davis (4/5)
An Offer You Can't Refuse by Jill Mansell (4.5/5)
The Pagan Stone by Nora Roberts (4/5)
Forbidden Fantasies anthology (4/5)

The end of the month means it is time to check out the progress on my challenges and to do my 'I Suck at Challenges' update.

By reading Silent in the Sanctuary, I finished the Historical Fiction Reading Challenge, but I also joined two new challenges, Once Upon a Time III and The Love Bites Challenge. I have already read one of my books for Once Upon a Time III (Superior Saturday by Garth Nix) but haven't yet read anything for my other new challenge.

I managed to read two books for the Book Awards Reading Challenge - The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson. You might notice that I rated The Graveyard Book as a 5/5 read - my first, and only, so far this year. I think I still have four books to read to complete this challenge.

I read another book for the War Through the Generations challenge this month as well - Night of Flames by Douglas W Jacobson, so have three more books to read before the end of the year for this challenge.

I have read 37 books for the 100+ Reading Challenge, and 27 for the Library Challenge. My target for the Library Challenge is 50 books, so I am over half way through.

One more book to go to complete the Victorian Challenge after I read Silent in the Sanctuary in March. I just picked up Silent on the Moor from the library tonight so that may well be the third book for the challenge, although I do have at least one more book that fits so maybe it will be that one instead.

Silent in the Sanctuary also fitted for the Chunkster Challenge, so I have 4 books left to go to complete that challenge. The book that I am currently reading (Comanche Moon by Larry McMurtry) fits for this challenge too.

Plum Spooky was the book I read for the 2009 Pub Challenge this month - 2 down, 7 to go!


  1. You're doing much better than I am. I just posted an update for the challenge on my blog. You can link this post there. Keep at it!

  2. 17 books---wowser! I wish. I think I might have made 10. I'll put my post up tonight or tomorrow.

  3. WOW! You've done a great job in reading for all your challenges - congrats! Keep it up :)

    While I don't do lot of challenge, but only 1, I only managed to read 11 books so far this year...*sigh* it sad but am trying LOL

    Good luck in more of your reading!

  4. Now I don't feel so bad about being behind on review writing although at least you have the excuse of having been reading a lot! :)

    Hope April is filled with lots of good books too!

  5. You and those challenges are simply mind boggling. I'm doing 2 and it's all I can manage.

  6. I hope you review The Graveyard Book. I'm curious to see what you think of it. You read a ton this month!

  7. Wow! 17 books in a month! Wish I could read that many. I'm lucky to finish 10. Looks like you read some good ones, too.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  8. Anna, it was a pretty good month both quality and quantity wise!

    Natasha, I will do my best to review The Graveyard Book in the next week or so!

    Rosie, the secret for me is to choose books that I already have on my list to read for my challenges, so that I am not adding anything extra to the list! Some times it works, some times is doesn't!

    Iliana, there is no way I could confess in public how many half written reviews I have sitting in draft.

    Julia, I am trying! I have lists everywhere to help me try and keep track!

    Dar, 17 books is about my normal reading month. Anything more than that is what I would consider an above average month!

    Chris, I have linked!