Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Susan Boyle!

Susan Boyle seems to have taken the whole world by storm!

Here's a link to a recording of Cry Me a River that she did 10 years ago for a charity recording!

Absolutely beautiful to listen to.

Editted to add a Youtube Video - the link and the video are of the same song


  1. She is amazing!! What I want to know is where has she been and why haven't we heard of her before this with a voice like that?

  2. What gorgeous voice. I hope she gets her big break now--I think she is the same age as me. I say, you go girl, Susan Boyle!

  3. Amazing voice - that woman is definitely going places - go Susan!!!

  4. Wow, that is even more wonderful than the song she sung for the show! She's gonna win, the others might as well go home now. The whole world is behind her now. Absolutely everybody knows who she is! Good for her, amazing!

  5. I heard her this past weekend after she made it to CNN's website. She is fantastic. I'm so glad she was confident and secure in her talent to ignore all the people who were being so rude- she is great! A true role model :-)



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